The Brave New World — The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Having attempted to raise the level of dialogue on gay marriage to an educated level, I would like to make a comment on the emergence of the Brave New World – which we will discover is neither brave nor new, but which is destined to alter the fabric of our society.  Because, make no mistake about it, the Age of Aquarius, dawned in the 60’s and 70’s, has fully arrived — and those with the power to check its advent have been either impotent to stop it or disinclined to do so.

Again, the Brave New World is finally here — and we may live to regret its arrival.  Oh, don’t worry.  I don’t intend to talk at length about cultural trends, the meaning of the family, or the morality of eternity — though such issues are significant.  No, I want to address a measure that is much more fundamental: good and bad.

For thousands of years our world has operated on basic grounding principles that have served as a foundation for societies and individuals.  I speak of principles based upon truth, by which we anchor ourselves, across cultures, to the real world.  And “for better or worse” — to coin a phrase — marriage, family and morality are among those time honored, foundational principles – until recently.  It is our 20th century rejection of these values that is a bad idea.  And the reason may surprise you.

Psychologically, the human animal needs a foundation – something solid to build upon, to give stability to our lives in an existence otherwise built upon shifting sands.  These anchors or laws might take the shape of customs, traditions, and behaviors which provide us strength and safety.  You might debate that life is much happier and freer without the restraints of confining social mores – but history and the observation of societies in decline would argue against you.  The fact is, there are eternal laws of the universe that cannot be disregarded or altered by legislation, executive decree, or majority vote, no matter how much we, like spoiled children, want to make it so.  Still, “modernity” has seen us abandon these anchors of the past as we have cut ourselves from them in the name of liberation – and gratification without guilt.

This abandonment began over 100 years ago with the evolution of the “new morality” – which was nothing more than the reimplementation of the “old immorality.”  (Still, “new morality” makes us sound so progressive.)  In our struggle for this air of sophistication, we have failed to recognize how barbaric we, as a people, have become.  Standards held inviolate 50, even 25 years ago are no longer considered benchmarks today.  This may not seem like a big deal to members of generation XYZ.  But remember, as human beings we, by nature, cherish some form of stability in this life – a stability that cannot be answered in the echoed shouts “peace, love, or kumbaya.”

Relative moralities and situational ethics – anchors that move with the wind — have become the watchwords of the emerging Brave New World.  And this is important.  The stated final objectives of these cultural shifts is to weaken the grip of the family on society and to eliminate the influence of religion and God in the world. These consequences of modern engineering have not been accidental and they should come as no surprise.  These have long been the prime targets of the progressive think tanks in an environment where loyalty to entities such as country, family and God stand as obstacles to the “greater good.”

Over the past half century our “enlightened” society has accelerated its departure from the shackles of the past.  Seldom in history has a people departed with such wholesale reckless enthusiasm from its traditional moorings.  And never has global civilization faced the future with such anxiety as we do now.  Welcome to the “Brave New World.”

In our lives, all that was once rock solid – institutions of culture, moral belief systems, and the simple faith in a living God – has been swept away.  We now live in a world so “advanced” that not even our identity as a man or a woman is set in stone.  (Thank you Ms. Jenner.)  Consider.  Without an eternal perspective anchored in God — all that remains is a short and shallow life.  Very little of our old reality is founded in bedrock.  And in fact, with the dismissal of our time-worn moorings, very little is left at all.

We have cut ourselves adrift.  And that is not a smart thing to do.  As a people living in a fantasy land where anything goes – we are destined to ultimate confusion where nothing really fits. And you and I shall continue to live in an increasingly dysfunctional world – a world of frustration, apprehension, and aimlessness.

May we, as a society, come to ourselves and reestablish the foundations upon which peace and happiness may truly be built.


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3 thoughts on “The Brave New World — The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

  1. Ryan Jones

    Very… deserve in caps…VERY well put Brother Stirling. Again, worded perfectly as if from my own soul. Thank you and keep it up! As always, I hope that I someday get to meet you in a setting where I can pick your brain and learn from you on a personal level. (I met you once in the Temple, but it was at an inappropriate time to have any sort of a discussion, but I told you I was a big fan of yours. I’m sure you don’t remember me.) 🙂


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