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“If we are to learn the truth about Satan’s influence, and we certainly should, let us get this understanding from God’s revelations and from no where else. That is exactly what this book, carefully prepared by an experienced and trusted teacher, helps us to do.”
—Wayne E. Brickey, author of Making Sense Out of Suffering, and Inviting Him in: How the Atonement Can Change Your Family

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3 thoughts on “Media and Reviews

  1. Daniel Elvidge

    Hi there is it possible to have an copy of your signed book with Lindseys in it. I live in the UK and are more then willing to pay for the book and it’s shipping please please can I get an signed copy. It not just for me but for the whole wards youth please can I buy an singed copy.Form Daniel Elvidge (loyal fan) someone how would love an signed copy

  2. Landon

    Dear, Mr Stirling, Hello my name is Landon, I am a newly turned 26 year old latter day saint, and activist for Global Humility. Recently i was surfing your daughters You tube channel and Facebook channel where i saw posting about your latest book, it caught my attention as did you and i wanted to ask you a few questions about you, your religions convictions, your book, and your perspective on the prosperity that your daughter is having with her Musical carrier.

    with questions Landon.


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