Life in Crescendo – the Lindsey Stirling Symbiosis

Anyone who has seen a Lindsey Stirling performance knows that it is a physically exhausting experience.  One review reported that she stepped out onto the stage for her hour and a half concert “and-she-never-stopped-moving.”  However I have heard testimony that the show is just as draining an experience for many fans.  It is kind of a vicarious exhaustion that reaches out and touches the spectator – in the most intimate kind of synergy.

Likewise, having Lindsey drop in for a week is a blessing, an adventure, and a workout all at the same time.  And in many ways it is a group as well as an individual experience.

Lindsey arrived in Arizona with her crew last Tuesday morning.  Diane picked her up at the hotel.  That might have looked like a relaxing day.  But Lindsey spent a good part of it with someone who needed her — someone with whom she could converse about  important things.  She made a new friend and completely enjoyed herself.  That is a lot of what Lindsey does whenever she can, because to Lindsey, life is about people.

That night she played the national anthem at the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.  She came home that evening (after a great game) but was on her way early Wednesday morning for Tuscon.  It was my first day of school (another year begins) but I raced home after my last class so Diane and I could get to Lindsey’s Southern Arizona concert.  I hadn’t seen it since the Red Rocks show in Colorado.  But it never seems to get old.

We were exhausted when we returned home at 1:00.  But I can only imagine how tired Lindsey is – or should be after one of those performances.  She and the crew drove to Phoenix the next morning to prepare for the concert at the Comerica Theater.  Another day of teaching for me, and another grueling race to get to the venue where so many friends and fans gathered for another dynamic presentation.  It is awesome to watch that girl entertain.  Anyone who has seen her shoe knows that she doesn’t merely give a concert.  She presents a spectacle in showmanship.  And she did again that night for 5,000 spectators.

She came back to Gilbert that evening, for a few more short hours of family and home.  But it didn’t last long.  Lindsey moves faster than a speeding bullet, and more frequently a locomotive – because they occasionally stop.  We had to have her to the airport by 6 am for a flight to Utah.

That day, Friday, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in youth management and psychology.  Her emphasis was in helping at-risk girls.  With Lindsey, it’s always about reaching out to people.

On Saturday she was back on the road.  And tomorrow (Monday) she performs at the Greek Theater in LA – a bucket list item for any artist – where she will end the “Music Box Tour.”  I hope she takes a day or two off to get some rest.  I know that whenever she comes to town for a visit – I always need some time to recuperate.  In the meantime, can’t wait until she drops in again.  It’s good exercise.


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9 thoughts on “Life in Crescendo – the Lindsey Stirling Symbiosis

  1. Noel Brettoner

    Thanks Mr Stirling for your write-up & comments on your wonderful daughter, & her flying visit etc.
    Your whole family is an inspiration to many.
    Hope you get that rest ok 🙂

    God Bless

    Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

  2. Rex Herfurth

    So many of us see what you have said here……..just watching Lindsey. She is so full of “non-stopness”…..and I agree with Noel about your whole family being an inspiration……you just are. And just my opinion about Lindsey’s concerts…….”The Greatest Show on Earth”!!!…….and no one has convinced me otherwise to this day!!!

  3. Ryan Jones

    What a blessing a family is and what a sweet spirit Lindsey is. I know you know this, but for encouragement sake, the apple doesn’t nor hasn’t fallen far from the tree, and I hope to meet the temporal creator, instigator, exemplar, teacher and father some day of such a wonderful spirit and ask you what the secret is so I may raise my children the same way. 🙂

  4. Ash Elford

    Beautiful writeup, Stephen. It always amazes me how much energy Lindsey has and it truly is a blessing that she always manages to squeeze time in with her friends, family, and fans. You and all the Stirlings are a multi-talented, hard working, and infinitely inspirational bunch, and as a fan of your daughter, I am so proud to support her along her amazing journey as well as attend and meet her on her Music Box Tour.

    Thank you for everything you do, you are a great light to us all! Keep inspiring and sharing kindness, happiness, and hope. You, Lindsey, and the family have my eternal support 🙂


    1. Stephen J. Stirling Post author

      Thank you for your kind thoughts. You have tapped into our efforts at creativity. I would love to have your reactions to my novel “Persona Non Grata”. (Amazon.) Your feedback would be of great value to me. Sincerely, Stephen J. Stirling

      1. Ash Elford

        I would love to! I’ve been planning on picking up a copy for a while now, and today’s the day I do so. I really look forward to reading Persona Non Grata as well as your other book, and will share my thoughts on it, no doubt it will be enlightening and an adventure, thank you Stephen 🙂

  5. Wayne Alexander

    Dear Mr. Stirling,
    Just read this…. You summed up Lindsey’s pace impeccably! Only “The Lindsey” can squeeze in time for family/friends, perform at a Pro-baseball game, Graduate from college, do two huge concerts, and pull off two (rather close) awards shows! Phew! It really makes me reflect on all the times I’ve ever said “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy”…nothing holds a candle to the insane time management Lindsey displays! She really does have “super secret pixie power”(patent pending) to keep going at Mach 10!!
    Luckily I did get to see her again in person for the Music Box Tour…. My show was the one that was filmed for the Yahoo stream. I could write a good sized tome on how great my experience was, but suffice it to say that the production value/creativity/and entertainment can’t be surpassed….was a must-see spectacle! It was doubly impressive because the volcanic heat mixed with NC’s lovely oppressive humidity that day really took a toll on us all, especially Lindsey! She gave 110%+ and powered through.
    You already know my never ending adoration for your daughter Lindsey, so I won’t ramble on anymore, but I will leave this here…. Just a section of a hand-written note(attached to one of the gifts I gave her in person) at M&G at my show:
    “Your father recently said something that I really loved b/c its exactly what I tell others when I mention you- he writes: “Seldom has there been so sincere, so straightforward, and so genuine an individual in today’s culture of entertainment”. This is who you are….a true daughter of God by all your words and actions! Your light radiates hope, love, and real kindness in all you do! Simply put, you a true blessing in my life and inspire me with your immense integrity and morality. You show me what’s possible when you put faith in the Lord and pray about everything before taking on the next life challenge.”
    God bless you and the whole Stirling family for continuing to inspire and lead by such great examples. I look forward to hearing about the next family get-togethers and of course I’m always here to support you all in any way I can!
    Thanks for your time,

    -Wayne [ Lindsey’s Johnny Lingo wannabe 😉 ]

    1. Stephen J. Stirling

      Thank you, Wayne. i believe you have read Persona Non Grata. I would appreciate your thoughts on it as I proceed to finish the sequel. Thank you very much.

      1. Wayne Alexander

        Mr. Stirling,

        Yes, I read it last year and did a fairly comprehensive review back in November on this site. For some reason, its under the “About Author” section, instead of the book section.

        You actually gave me very encouraging/positive feedback on my analysis too, which I am very appreciative of. Here is my review from November:

        I loved the book and I can’t wait to read the follow-up! I’d also like to ask Lindsey sometime if she thinks she sees any part of herself in Toria? 😉 Would be cool to hear her detailed take on the story, etc.

        Take care and keep us posted on the Stirling world of things!

        Many blessings,



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