Well, Happy Father’s Day! I’ve been hearing that greeting from quite a few people today.  And it is a happy day.  But to all those who are remarking lately how fortunate my family is to have such a great dad (and that, of course, would be me) I thought I would set the record straight as to where the luck is distributed.

We are a passionate group of people – the Stirlings, that is.  We have plenty of dreams and a lot of ambition.  And we have been immensely blessed to have laid hold of some of our fondest wishes.

As some of you know, I have a daughter who has followed her passion, fine-tuned her abilities, worked like a maniac, and accomplished great things.   Since she was a teenager she has always wanted to be — a writer.  Simon and Shuster is publishing her first book (The Only Pirate at the Party) in January.  That’s pretty huge!  Her name is Brooke.

All right.  I know what you’re thinking.  I do have another artistic daughter who has followed her passion.  She has a very unique style and many people have seen her work – and seem to like what she does.  She is — a painter.  She has just begun to sell her artwork at auction and the response is exciting.  Her name is Marina.

Ok, ok.  Yes, I do have a particularly talented daughter.  She is a creative musician who both writes and performs before thousands.  She plays the trumpet and holds a position with the East Valley Millennial Orchestra.  Nothing seems to stop her from achieving her goals.  She is 5’3”, 115 lbs., and now wants to become a firefighter to support her family.  And she’ll do it too.  Her name is Jennifer.

I also have a son who is going to jail.  At least that’s what the letter we got from the State of Texas said.  If anybody ever sees Vladimir, tell him that he might avoid the warrant, even now, if he’ll pay the speeding ticket.  (Vladimir has become rather reclusive again, so I don’t hear from him much.  But he is a sweet soul – with a good heart)  Also, ask him to call his Dad, just so I can tell him I love him.

Oh, very well!  I do have a daughter named Lindsey who has achieved a modest kind of success in following her passion.  That passion – to be a dancing violinist – has driven her through defeat after defeat after defeat to ultimate achievement.  She knows what it is like to fail.  And she knows what it is like to succeed.  And she is an example to anyone that our dreams are worth the effort and struggle – and can come true.

Incidentally, these five people have all been blessed with a great mother who has taught them to reach for the stars and given them an example of quiet greatness to follow.  I follow that example too.  She has generously shared her life with me.  Her name is Diane.

As for me, I teach seminary and I write.  Those have been two of my greatest aspirations in life.  And I’ve accomplished a lot of my dreams so far.  I’ve published my second book, a novel, Persona Non Grata, last July.  There are still a few remaining items on my bucket list – like publishing Persona Non Grata II, III, IV, and V.  (Ambitious!)  There’s time for that.  But no fulfilled dream of life has given me such satisfaction as my relationship with a loving wife, five fine children, and a Father in Heaven who has been so good to me.

From one who has been so favored, to all who may be fathers – or who have one, I wish a Happy Father’s Day.  May none of us forget how ultimately lucky and bounteously blessed we are.


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26 thoughts on “I AM THE LUCKY ONE

  1. Noel Brettoner

    Bless you Mr Stirling, your good wife
    and all those wonderful ‘little blessings’ that in their own right have & continue to grow into Huge Blessings to multitudes, and their own offspringers.

    The lives that have & continue to be impacted through God’s Love flowing through each of you; to those around, both family friends (both old new a yet-to-be) and those you will never meet, is wonderfully life-changing.

    Thank you Stirling Family <3 🙂

  2. Ryan Jones

    I hope I can raise such fearless and ambitious sons and daughters of God as you have. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of what holding the sacred office and title of Father really means.

  3. Christina Barrett

    You must have been a very good father. I like your young daughter Lindsey a lot! I am her age but born in May. I was actually a music major, as well, piano/organ/voice for a year. I wanted to be a singer since I was 5. I was able to join choir at 8. I started piano at 9 1/2. I’ve followed your daughter on my Twitter. She is just so sweet and I like her so much. We have similar talents. I’m always interested to hear her play her music.

    1. Stephen J. Stirling Post author

      Thank you Christina. Keep going forward and follow your dreams. Lindsey’s book comes out in January. In the meantime, read my book, Persona Non Grata and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback.

  4. Andre

    Sounds like you have an awrsome family. My daughter heard your daughter play violin and she has been playing for three years. Thanks Andre

  5. MIchael Z

    Quite a remarkable family you have there Mr. Stirling. May God continue to bless you. Happy Fathers Day!

  6. Anandi

    Hi! I loved the blog, so funny and I really hope to see more of it, not just because you are Lindsey’s father either! (big fan)
    I love lindsey not just because of her dance moves and awesome violin playing, but because she is so open to new things! Keep writing please.

  7. Ash Elford

    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming post with us, I always love reading your words of light. You and all the Stirlings bring happiness into my day through your talents and enlightening message, a blessed family indeed! I am forever thankful and blessed to recently have the opportunity to travel west and east US to see Lindsey’s shows and meet her, her heart is full of kindness and happiness, and her message of inspiration is something I cherish greatly. Thank you and Diane for raising a family of shining stars and bright smiles, they all follow your path of sincerity, kindness, and happiness 🙂

  8. Craig Linford

    Hi Brother Stirling,
    I call you Brother Stirling, even though you are not my earthly Brother, We both have the same Spiritual Father. “Heavenly Father”
    I think I saw Valdimir in the news recently, or a name sake of his. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. Putin previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from Persona.
    I am anxiously awaiting the release of Persona Non Grata II, III, IV, and V. If you would like me to read any advance copies, just email me the text and I would be glad to give you my input. Thanks for being such an amazing Dad, with such an amazing family Your Brother in the Gospel, Craig Linford

  9. Debra Brown

    Gee thanks for a wonderful blog post. Now I want to read you and Brooke, see Marina’s artwork, Jennifer play the trumpet, and visit Val in jail as I am sure he has loads of interesting stories to tell. And Lindsey is wonderful. I finally got to see her perform in Cleveland with a friend, and now she is a huge fan. You are a blessed family.

  10. Rex Herfurth

    “Like”…… Giant thumbs up to this whole Stirling family…..each and every one of you!!!! Thank you all!!!

  11. Wayne Alexander

    Mr. Stirling,

    Just read all of this and it was so nice and touching! Of course you already know I’m a big fan of you Stirlings and especially that one that is on the go all the time….which one was that?…hmm She never sleeps, braves harsh elements (high heat in NC heh heh heh this past Mon and extreme cold i.e. Norway), moves around like a pixie, cares for more people than herself, and stole my heart long ago from some TV talent show…. hmm. I think I just gave it away! 😀

    Anyway, just confirming you are a truly blessed family and I am grateful for the interactions I’ve had with you, Brooke, & yes of course my Queen, Lindsey! I hope one day I get to talk with Marina, Vladimir and your wife, Diane. Keep on inspiring and leading by example! I will always support all that you great folks do!

    Thanks for your time….

    -Wayne from Hickory NC (rabid loyal Stirlingite)

  12. Theresa Willis

    I love reading your stuff! Happy father’s day really is everyday. You and Diane are an inspiration… raising 5 children. You’ve made it look so easy that we thought we’d go for 6! (Due in Sept) The willis family sure looks up to you all. Thanks for shing your light.


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