Shedding Light on the Dark Side


Shedding Light on the Dark Side: Defeating the Forces of Evil
A Guide for Youth and Young Adults
Stephen J. Stirling

Throughout time and across cultures, the world has found Satan both frightening and fascinating. He exists. His power is real. The master of disguise and deception, he is relentlessly evil as he strives for the universal destruction of God’s children. This is why an understanding of his motivations and methods is critical to our survival.

In an engaging manner that both youth and adults can relate to, Stephen Stirling combines ancient scripture with modern revelation to expose Satan and his methods. He also shares the good news – that Jesus Christ is real. He loves us and through him we can overcome the Adversary’s influence in our lives.

The only question left is a personal one. Where you will stand in the eternal battle between good and evil? With the Prince of Darkness or the Prince of Light?

“If we are to learn the truth about Satan’s influence, and we certainly should, let us get this understanding from God’s revelations and from no where else. That is exactly what this book, carefully prepared by an experienced and trusted teacher, helps us to do.”
—Wayne E. Brickey, author of Making Sense Out of Suffering, and Inviting Him in: How the Atonement Can Change Your Family

Product Details
Title: Shedding Light on the Dark Side: Defeating the Forces of Evil, A Guide for Youth and Young Adults
Author: Stephen J. Stirling
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Release Date: September 10, 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1462112036
Price: $10.99
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2 thoughts on “Shedding Light on the Dark Side

  1. Not a tea bag

    The only evil that needs to be feared is that of the conservative right and the big money behind pieces of shit like Scott Walker. I worry that American youth read your propaganda.


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